Hi-Tech offers a service for the complete removal of all moss, mould and lichen from all your building surfaces, footpaths or driveways.

Key reasons to remove moss, mould and lichen growth are:

  • Slippery & Hazardous – Lichen and mould growth makes footpaths and driveways slippery and dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles. You should ensure these areas are free of such growth to help prevent injury and accidents
  • Surface Damage – Moss, mould and lichen growth can cause damage to roof and wall surfaces. This should be removed to prevent deterioration of surfaces and help maximise the life of materials
  • Health Hazard – Mould is a major health hazard, particularly to anyone with respiratory problems. Whilst external mould growth may not cause health issues, it can be an indication or precursor to internal mould growth which does come with serious health concerns
  • Unsightly – The unsightliness of moss, mould and lichen growth on any surface reduces street appeal and appearance